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The Big Trickster… Our Mind

In the tired evening hours of some longer flights home, I have found myself indulging in TV, specifically House of Cards. The episode I just finished had the famous scene where Claire dramatically exclaims “We’ve been lying Francis… No, lying to ourselves,” for 25 years. It was a good reminder of the deep life lesson […]

The Simplicity of Ethics & Patience

Patience & Ethics This morning I was struck by some powerful words regarding ethics and patience from the famous Jon Kabat-Zinn. He writes that ethics is simply “the obedience to the unenforceable.” Nearly all actions in life we can situationally justify in our own heads. This is why we argue, fight and start wars. But […]

What Exactly is Mindfulness Anyway?

What is Mindfulness? The single most common question I hear everyday.   What is Mindfulness? What may seem obvious to some is quite a mystery to others. And with so many different perspectives, books and articles on the seemingly amorphous topic, I think it’s a very good question. “Moment to moment awareness without judgment” is the […]

The 3 Pillars of Mindful Living

Presence.  Acceptance.   Compassion. That’s it.   Pretty easy right?   Yes, and no. As I prepare for our Mindful Order of Being Workshop week after next I realize how the concepts are indeed easy to understand. Putting them into practice in this world today … that’s another story.   Let’s explore. Presence is more acutely defined as “being […]