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My Own Suffering

Recently, I have found suffering at the core of my consciousness. Coming up again and again…regarding husband & wife, regarding big company insider politicking, correctness of parenting, unpleasant exchanges of a lawsuit, and then, of course, my own. And there is one theme that keeps arising amidst the diverse set of circumstance and souls involved […]

The Missing Element…. Human Connection

3 findings on why we need community more than ever Science has proven it, and our entire being already knows it… the single most important element to our health and well-being is meaningful community. One that cultivates deep connections with our fellow human beings. For me, there are certain days of the week, and times […]

Importance of Intent

It has been said that your actions are not what matters, but the intention behind the actions is where the real value lies. And in our training of non-judgment, this is probably the most important place to apply the saying. Intent is the meaning behind what you do. If a man takes a sharp knife […]

The Resolution of Non-Achievement

Resolve to Achieve Nothing. Be Everything. Many times in my life, I have found just how shallow my achievements are. From the days when I would receive a near-constant stream of accolades for being the top performer on my team to the multimillion-dollar sale of the company I built, none fulfilled me. I was asked […]

7 Simple Mindful Tactics to Reduce Stress for Leaders

For over 15 years, I’ve been leading various companies, from the fast-paced world of the agencies to the ever-demanding tech startup scene. And from that experience, one thing, among many others, became clear: being the big Kahuna creates a lot of stress. More than words can describe. In recent years, I have found some very […]

3 Mindful Magic Tricks …You’ll Enjoy

3 Mindful Magic Tricks for Every Day Life Mindfulness is a simple idea that has been taught for over 2,000 years by nearly all religions as the key to salvation, the soul and, in modern society, greater purpose. This is a non-secular, clear-cut practice of separating one’s thoughts and emotions from one’s self. That’s it. […]

3 Steps to Building a Mindful Company Culture

Talent retention. That’s the word on everyone’s mind when it comes to Executives, HR and company culture conversations.   And it’s a seismic problem. Loyalty is at an all time low. Mobility, all time high. Millennial mindset makes it exponentially harder. And booze fests deemed “team building” don’t work. Even skills training are not effective long-term. […]

Reconciling the Heights of Aspirations with Depths of One’s Soul

On the eve of our public unveiling of the Mindful Order of Being, I’ve found one thing above all else, to be most profound. Leadership. It is the entrepreneurs, the internal company champions, the heads of large companies and even the heads of state that have a simple question to ask themselves. “How do you balance lofty […]