Understanding the Why: Mindfulness Amidst the Chaos Community Events

It does not surprise me that many of the questions I hear at our community Mindfulness Events start with one simple yet poignant word: why? Why should I go… I’m so busy? What should I expect and who will be there? And the big one, “Why did you create this”?   

For me, it all boils down to one core belief. Mainly, I feel there is a simple formula to living a fulfilling, easeful life:  

Mindful self practice (presence/awareness) + deep human connections (community) =  ease, joy and happiness.

The organization that hosts these events, Mindful Order of Being, has a mission to accelerate human consciousness through education and community (aka the formula above). We use our existing education programs that we have developed from the influence of thousands of others around the world. These events were created because we feel that conscious community and human connection is a gaping hole in modern society especially in cities like San Francisco where busyness, isolation, stress and anxiety are the norm.   

And after numerous events here in SF and other cities, this idea has proven to be truer than true.

As humans, we crave connection. The energy exchanged in connecting is paramount to our health; science has proven it. The healthiest cities/towns in the world have ONE thing in common: strong community (beyond diet, exercise or form of government). As we know from the stories of prison, isolation cells are the worst form of punishment. We go crazy. We lose our great sense of self. Our need to belong to something. To find our place, our purpose and most of all the supportive energy that is exchanged with any other human being. It is needed, it is required and it must be regularly consistent.

This type of connection is not to be confused with a few beers with your buddies or a mani-pedi with your favorite gossip friend. True connection is when you can discuss the angst of your soul and the aspiration that inspire you. It allows you to let down your guard and find a place to dwell with others without any pretext, judgment or need to assert your egoic self. True connection is a place to just be.

And that’s why I started these communities gatherings.

The reward of watching folks connect with others in a meaningful way is beyond any monetary reward I could ask for. And it’s why I’ll keep doing these till the end of my days. Already I have seen lifelong friendships form, intimate small group Sanghas created to regularly connect and a larger community to lean on. All helping to keep perspective and find the ease and joy we seek.

Message from EditorIf you are looking for more connection and community, come to our free and open-to-all Mindfulness Community event June 23rd here in San Francisco. Check out our Facebook Event page here.