Are you looking to connect more deeply with friends, peers and the greater community?A place to share meaningful ideas, deep insights and life challenges? A place to grow together as human beings and share our thoughts about what matters most?

Sangha is a Sanskrit word that means community. Though Sangha is often used in reference to Buddhism, these gatherings are not tied to any religious dogma.  

A mindful Sangha is a group of 5-7 individuals who are seekers. People who are looking for more out of life, how to better understand themselves and to dive deeper into questions of purpose, meaning and contribution. A mindful Sangha is not a support group, but rather a group that happens to be supportive.  

Our intention is to help individuals find Sangha circles that meet their needs and support personal growth. We provide channels for meeting up and introductions to like minded individuals, as well as a well tested structure for your meetings so that your group can have its safest, most effective and meaningful experience. In general, you will find a healthy mix of open group dialogue around a unifying topic, time for individual sharing and reflection.

Introductory and open sessions: held the first and third Monday’s of the month from 7-8:30pm. This is a time to meet and greet and learn more about the workings of Sanga Groups. Thereafter you’ll be able to participate in Sangha most fitting for your desires and stage in life.

We look forward to meeting you.

For more information contact us here.