Mindful Living Essentials Program

A 5 week program created to reduce stress, improve energy, and find deeper purpose for a life of greater joy.

Why Mindfulness

Today's world has become a cauldron of chaos.

Stress, anxiety, distraction and non-engagement have become our normal of state of mind. There is a constant doing of emails, text, lnstagram, Facebook, meetings, calls, demands at home, a crushing workload at the office... it never seems to end.

Our Sense of Being: who we are, how we act, and our state of presence has been lost. Our suffering has become unsustainable.

The Solution: to address these challenges, we have created a framework to live with greater intention and understanding.

A practice we call Mindful Living.

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Outcomes of Mindful Living

Calm & Ease

Learn the skills to be more grounded in your day-to-day life.


Observe and experience life clearly in order to be purposeful in your decisions and actions.

Purpose & Meaning

Find deeper purpose and meaning in your life and in your work.

Better Relationships

Learn communication skills and unlock Emotional Intelligence traits to more deeply relate to others.


Learn to look outside yourself and see the world as it is.

Greater Productivity

Prioritize what matters most and get more done with ease and presence of mind.

Resilience & Energy

Create a routine to maintain balanced energy and bounce back from challenging experiences.

Reduced Stress

Build the awareness and strength to free yourself from daily pressures and overwhelming work loads.

A Better You

Gain a deeper understanding of self in order to live a balanced, fulfilling, and happy life.

Why We Created the Program

Aaron Kahlow

“I was inspired to create the Mindful Living Essentials Program because I suffered for so long under the guise of success as an entrepreneur. Many, many years with that empty feeling.. that void in life. The small dull ache of feeling incomplete. And when I solved that for myself with Mindfulness, I could not do anything less than share those learnings with my fellow man. It’s a gift and must be made accessible and simple for all.”

Allie Stark

“Living with chronic illness led me in the direction of Mindfulness. After years of searching and seeking for answers to healing outside of myself, the only place that I had left to go was within. Deploying the everyday skills of Mindful Living has changed my life and has deeply impacted how I look at myself and the world around me. It is from this place of fullness that I purposefully share and teach my own learnings with others.”

Cultivating a Life of Mindfulness

The time has come to simplify the burdens of our modern minds, to lead a life of meaning and purpose.

It’s time to have a deeper sense of calm and clarity. Time for greater awareness of the here and now. Time to experience joy in all moments of life!

Our natural state is one of peace and happiness: let’s reclaim it. By tapping into a deeper and greater sense of inner knowing, we can create more meaningful connections with ourselves and others, allowing us to just be.

The Skills You’ll Learn

Over 5 short weeks, you’ll build the skills, mental strength and capabilities to sustain a Mindfulness practice. The Mindful Living Essentials Program is simple & accessible. You will learn:


Various sitting, walking and movement meditation forms.


Steps to build Mindfulness into everyday activity for busy schedules.


Use of mindful listening, noticing, and reflecting to better connect.


Perspective tools to understand and deepen your connection with others.

Workplace Wellness

Simple ways to maintain calm, clarity, energy and focus.

And so much more...

Join our 5 week program TODAY!

Creating Your Mindful Living Practice

Mindfulness is the most logical, practical way to regain control of your life. Science and research have proven the benefits and millions serve as living testimonies of its impacts.

The Mindful Living Essentials Program is designed to make the teachings of mindfulness both simple and accessible to our busy modern day lives. Its goal is to take individuals (and teams) through a step-by-step process to comprehend, commit and sustain a modern-day mindfulness practice.

By using proven methodologies, we have created a comprehensive program for mindful living that is simple in its teachings and profound in its wisdom. You’ll find the teachings accessible and easy to understand, without any religious dogma, preaching or woo woo.

Students will walk away with a better understanding of self, deeper compassion for others, and an unshakeable sense of meaningful purpose to bring into your work, relationships and everyday moments.

Working together, we will re-discover our truest selves, to live a life of meaningful purpose, ease and greater joy.

Founding Instructors

Aaron is one of the most dynamic and emerging figures in the massive shift toward mindful living. As a syndicated columnist, globally renowned speaker and long-standing personal practitioner of Zen Buddhism, Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge to the mindfulness movement.

Most notable is his 15 years in corporate leadership as both a CEO and founding leader of 3 prolific education companies, creating his real world approach to modern-day mindfulness.


Aaron Kahlow

Founder and CEO

San Francisco Bay Area

Allie Stark

Mindful Wellness Trainer

San Francisco Bay Area

Allie Stark, MA, RYT has over a decade of experience in the holistic health field and received her Master’s degree in Integrative Health from the California Institute of Integral Studies. As a health and nutrition coach, wellness consultant and thought-leader in the field of Mindful Living, Allie is committed to supporting clients and organizations in setting and enacting lifestyle and behavioral goals.

She uses her work as an opportunity to share, teach and empower others to go against the grain and listen to their gut.

Overview of How the Program Works


Mindful Living Essentials Program Summary & Prices

Online Program $199*

*Limited Time Only $99

  • 5 Weekly Live Online Seminars with Open Discussion
  • Weekly Take-Home Exercises
  • Mindful Living Workbook and Suggested Reading



  • Five 90 Minute In-Person Workshops
  • Weekly Take-Home Exercises
  • Mindful Living Workbook and Suggested Reading
  • Full Access to the 5 Weekly Online Seminars with Open Discussion
  • Opportunity to Join Local Mindful Sanghas

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