MOB’s public workshops are built for anyone interested in learning the power of mindfulness to reduce stress, improve energy, and find deeper purpose for a life of greater joy.

The workshops last 2–6 hours depending on type. Workshops are designed to provide a fundamental understanding of mindfulness and then build upon that basic understanding so you learn the key practices and concepts of Mindful Living: presence, acceptance and compassion.




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Introduction to Mindfulness: How to Reduce Stress & Improve Productivity @ Work

December 2, 2015 @ 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Introduction to Mindfulness: How to Reduce Stress & Improve Productivity @ Work

A Workshop to unlock the secrets to living with purpose, passion and peace of mind amidst the chaos of modern day life.  

Stress has reached unsustainable levels. Our relationships are failing at work and at home. Ease, calm and joy often feels out reach.

Why?  Because we have lost touch with the very essence of what is important. Our phones, work, email, boss, kids, boy/girl-friend, reality TV, Instagram, Facebook… is causing our minds to be a clutter of nothingness. Simply reacting to what life throws our way.  The most natural and simple elements that make us happy and fulfilled have been forgotten.

But there is good news… Using the natural and easy-to-implement skills of Modern Day Mindfulness, we can become reacquainted with our own happiness. This new way of thinking allows us to create deeper connection to self, and helps us to build the foundation for a life worth living.

In this 2.5-hour workshop, you’ll walk away with a Mindful tool set to apply to every day life and learn the 3 pillars of Mindfulness: Presence, Acceptance and Compassion. Overall, this is the beginning of an amazing journey to help:

  • Find balance in life between work, home and society
  • Reduce stress and anxiety created by work overload
  • Improve health with easy nutrition and movement guidelines
  • Enhance energy and productivity through out the day
  • Encourage Mindful communication and relationship building techniques
  • Unlock the secrets to staying calm and creating equanimity
  • Become a better person.. a better parent, better friend, co-worker, and leader
  • Create a routine that allows for more moment to moment joy in life (aka Happiness).

In this ground breaking workshop, you’ll find yourself mentally unraveling your anxieties and false societal expectations. This will allow you start the creation of an easeful frame of mind that you’ll want to carry with you for the rest of your life.

About the Instructors:

Aaron Kahlow:

Aaron is one of the most dynamic and emerging figures in the massive shift toward mindful living.   As a syndicated columnist, globally renown speaker and long standing personal practice of Zen Buddhism, Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge to the mindfulness movement.   Most notable is his 15 years in corporate leadership as both a CEO and Founder leader of 3 prolific education companies creating his real world approach to modern day mindfulness.

As a speaker, his inspirational style, and plain-spoken nature has audiences always walking away feeling both motivated and educated on how to live and work better. More recently, Aaron has launched a membership based organization, the Mindful Order of Being, built to help everyone learn a sustainable practice of mindfulness and connect through global community committed to the values of Presence, Compassion and Acceptance.

Allie Stark:

Allie Stark, MA, RYT has over a decade of experience in the holistic health field and received her Master’s degree in Integrative Health from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She has created numerous on-site mindful wellness and leadership programs for Bay Area organizations, as well as an on-going mindful nutrition program for the SF Department of Public Health.

Allie is a thought-leader, storyteller, and a mover-and-shaker. As a health and nutrition coach, wellness consultant, and yoga instructor for individuals and groups, Allie is committed to supporting clients in setting and enacting lifestyle and behavioral goals. She uses her work as an opportunity to share, teach, and empower others to go against the grain and listen to their gut. She brings extensive experience in fields including: mindfulness, integrative nutrition, stress management, empowerment and leadership, compassionate communication, and functional movement. Learn more at:

More on Workshop Major Topical Areas covered:


  • Eliminating Anxiety by Being in the Present Moment
  • Reducing Stress through simple Meditation
  • Separating your Mind from Your feelings
  • Creating Grace and Poise in all Things you Do


  • Develop Empathetic Listening Skills for better communication
  • Build a Framework on How to Make Your Social Impact
  • Creating powerful connections with friends & co-workers
  • Strengthen the mind and remove the filters of Judgment


  • See the World as it is (v. constructs of the mind)
  • Accepting yourself and those around you for what they are
  • Living with Intention & Greater Purpose
  • Build an environment of non-attachment and impermanence



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