MOB’s public workshops are built for anyone interested in learning the power of mindfulness to reduce stress, improve energy, and find deeper purpose for a life of greater joy.

The workshops last 2–6 hours depending on type. Workshops are designed to provide a fundamental understanding of mindfulness and then build upon that basic understanding so you learn the key practices and concepts of Mindful Living: presence, acceptance and compassion.




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The Mindful Entrepreneur: Introductory Leadership Workshop

May 23, 2016 @ 5:45 pm - 7:15 pm

- $99

intent5 Step Program for accessing the clarity, calm and presence you need to lead your company.

Being the leader of a small business is tough. Whether you’re running a local yoga studio or accelerating your technology company to the next level, managing the day-to-day is full of stress and anxiety that few outside of your peers can appreciate. We work harder. We try to do more. We seek advice and yet, it never seems to get any easier.

We need help.

Help regaining the perspective needed to see our situation and business as it really is. Help cultivating the clarity and vision for what matters most, and ensuring we steer the ship in the right direction. Help realigning our personal beliefs with our business goals. And help taking control of the mind and giving it the space it needs to really ‘be’ more fully, to create the life we’re supposed to be living.

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In this 5 Step Program, we’ll work hands-on with local entrepreneurs to go deep into the core problem that causes us to lead such challenging lives – and solve it. By cultivating a mindful living practice, we’ll more clearly create what’s needed, for us and in turn for the business. We’ve worked with busy, over-worked entrepreneurs for decades (and we were once one of them!), so we understand how challenging it is to take on something new. That’s why we’ve created this simple and accessible program to give you the fundamentals of being a Mindful Entrepreneur and a true north leader. In the program you’ll walk away with:

  • Presence: A way to be more fully in the moment with staff and self.
  • Clarity: Easy techniques to clear the mind and free yourself from clouded thinking.
  • Energy: Simple mindful practice routines to give more energy back daily.
  • Leadership Skills: How to go from business starter to company leader.
  • Entrepreneur/Business Owner Fundamentals: Simple tactics to better manage your business and staff, improve your marketing, and grow your company.
  • Confidence: With a better understanding of self, more confidence can be built.
  • Trust: Trust will be established by being present and living with integrity.
  • Communication: Skills to listen empathetically and communicate better.
  • Resilience: Mental strength to bounce back from challenging moments.
  • Focus: Meditation practice to harness your focus.
  • Productivity: Prioritization tools to get clear on what matters most, and then get it done.
  • Deeper Sense of Self: Tools to unlock deeper personal self-inquiry into who you really are.
  • Alignment with Purpose: Exercises and 1-on-1 help to find your purpose and apply it to your chosen work.
  • Balance and Quality of Life: Nothing is more important than quality – of the life, the moments, and the relationships we live in. We’ll work hard to find balance in this equation.

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Step 1: Fundamentals of Creating the Mindful Entrepreneur

The Power of Presence
So much of our day is filled with doing, doing, doing. One meeting after the next, email after email, and the never-ending cycle of reacting to what’s next. By cultivating presence, we can end this cycle, and intentionally create a routine and meaningful interactions. It’s a way to be more human again.

  • Separating the mind from feeling
  • Being the observer
  • Cultivating the power of the moment

Step 2: Getting A Grip on Reality
Clarity of Acceptance
We have deluded our feeble mind many times, thinking we have all the answers. That our original business plan, or latest change to the product offering, was exactly what we needed. But it’s not true. We must seek the answers instead of creating them. And to do so, we need to truly look at what it is that drives us for these answers, and let it go. Then and only then will we find the wisdom of seeing things as they are, and finally act with real knowledge of what will work.

  • Letting go
  • Accepting things the way they are
  • Flowing with the river versus fighting it
  • Seeing the opportunity
  • Releasing from fixed thinking
  • Debunking what it means to achieve your objectives

Step 3: Business Fundamentals for the Modern Day
The Real Deal on What Needs To Get Done

Let’s not forget, we have to do things to get the business moving… so, we’ll spend our half-way point at Week 3 going back to the basic formula for success, to properly plan, build and grow your organization.

  • Simple method for planning the year ahead
  • Tools to manage your staff effectively
  • Framework for efficient business operations
  • Top marketing techniques to grow your business

Step 4: Mindset of a True Leader
What Happens When We Truly Find the Heart To Lead
Being an entrepreneur means being a leader. It’s a big leap to go from having the vision and courage to start the company, to having the fortitude and business skills to manage and grow it. But it’s much more accessible than you think. Some simple tools and mindset will make all the difference.

  • Authentic leadership mentality
  • Building the platform for trust
  • Creating full conscious leadership
  • Leading with compassion
  • Being more fully there

Step 5: Routine for A Mindful Leader
How to turn your daily routine into a center of energy and compassion
Rethinking how we go about our every day activity is the key ingredient to sustainable success.  We’ll talk about the habits, routine and rituals that will nourish your soul and keep you mindful in all aspects of your day.

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May 23, 2016
5:45 pm - 7:15 pm
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Mindful Order of Being


Whil Mindful Offices
1656 California Street
San Francisco, 94109
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